Living Light As A Feather

The concept of Living Light as a Feather comes from an ancient Egyptian myth that elucidates the belief that only a worthy person can enter eternity.

In order to measure a person’s worthiness, upon death the heart is placed on a scale and the soul can only live forever if the heart is as light as a feather. A few years after writing Time for Joy (over 231,000 sold), Ruth lost her son to suicide and the joy left her life.

After suffering immeasurable grief and questioning how she could possibly have written such a book, she created a process through which readers can find joy under any circumstance. This is an inspiring yet practical book that shows readers the secret to finding joy and living lightly, and how to recognize true purpose.

Price: $10.00

Category: Self-Help
ISBN: 0757301576
Pages: 208
Written By: Ruth Fishel
Cover Type: Soft Cover
Book Condition: Excellent

Seller Notes

Book is in great condition! only read 1 time!