The Sandcastle Empire

Before the war, Eden’s life was easy. Then the revolution happened, and everything changed.

Now a powerful group called the Wolfpack controls the earth and its resources. And even though Eden has lost everything to them, she refuses to die by their hands. She knows the coordinates to the only neutral ground left in the world, a place called Sanctuary Island, and she is desperate to escape to its shores.

Eden finally reaches the island and meets others resistant to the Wolves. But the solace is short-lived when one of Eden’s new friends goes missing. Braving the jungle in search of their lost ally, they quickly discover Sanctuary is filled with lethal traps and an enemy they never expected.

This island might be deadlier than the world Eden left behind, but surviving it is the only thing that stands between her and freedom.

Price: $8.00

Category: Young Adult Fiction
ISBN: 9780062484895
Pages: 464
Written By: Kayla Olson
Cover Type: Hard Cover
Book Condition: Excellent

Seller Notes

Exclusive Owlcrate variant cover and signed bookplate inside the front cover.

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