How It Works

Local Reads is a new marketplace for book lovers to buy and sell used books in Kelowna.

Sell a book that you no longer need and find a new book you'd like to get your hands on.

Unlike classified ads which expire, at you can list your book for free and your books remain part of the catalogue until sold providing the perfect place to find both bestsellers and specialized books that might otherwise be hard to find used.

If we don't have the book you're looking for, we'll send an email to local used bookstores, giving us access to more than 80,000 books available locally.

Save Money and Reduce Waste by Searching Local Reads First Before Buying New:

Financial Transactions Online
All book purchases are made online using a secure payment system. This makes it easy and convenient for you to buy used.

  • Book Pickup
    You can make arrangements with the seller to pickup the book, or choose to have the book delivered to a central pickup location. Learn more about our central pickup option here.

  • Transaction Fee
    For book buyers, the service is free.

  • For book sellers, we charge $1.49 per book sale plus 10% of the purchase price. As a seller, you don't pay until we sell your books.

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