Frequently Asked Questions

What is an ISBN? 
ISBN stands for International Standard Book Number. This number can be found either on the back cover of your book or inside the front cover.

Enter the full number without any dashes. To view an image of an ISBN, click here.

What kind of books can I sell? 
You can sell any kind of book you like. 

Popular and current best sellers are good choices and are likely to sell the quickest. However, you never know who could be looking for your book. Listings don’t expire, ensuring there is no hassle of extending your ad.

How do I price my books?
We recommend all books are at least 50% of the original ISBN (excluding collectibles).

Below are some general guidelines to help you price your books:
New books and current bestsellers - Books that are 1-2 years old are generally priced at 40-50% of the original ISBN

Other books - it's difficult for us to provide recommendations without knowing more about the book. For example, some older books are still bestsellers and can go for a higher price.

If the books is 3-10 years old, prices can range from $6-$12 depending on the popularity of the book.

Is there a fee for selling my books? 
Yes, Local Reads takes $1.49 plus 10% from each book sale.

How do I pickup my book? 
You now have two options for picking up your book:

1) Have book delivered to a central location

For a small fee, Local Reads can deliver your book to our central pick-up location, Pulp Fiction Coffee House & Robbie Rare Books, located at 1598 Pandosy St. We deliver twice a week, and books are ready for pickup every Tuesday and Friday in store. Click here to learn more.

2) Pickup from seller
You can also make arrangements with the seller to pickup your book from them directly. Read our tips for Book Pickup here

Individual sellers are also able to drop the book off at 
Pulp Fiction Coffee House & Robbie Rare Books, and the book will be held for one week for the buyer to pickup at their convenience.

I've sold a book, how do I get my money? 

You need to reach a minimum of $10 before you can receive cash for your book sales. Once you’ve earned $10 from your book sales we will send you an email notification with payment options.

What if I can't get a hold of the seller to pickup my book? 

You have one week after purchasing a book to make arrangements for pickup. If you cannot get a hold of the seller within a week, we will refund your credit card and you will not be charged.

What if the book condition isn't as listed? 
You have 2 days after picking up a book to report any quality issues with the book. If Local Reads agrees, we will either provide an appropriate discount or refund if necessary. Local Reads has the right to seek compensation from the seller for the reimbursement we provide to the buyer.

More Questions? 
If your question is not answered above, please contact us at